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Natural Born Bobtail Dobermanns: "Legally Docked by Nature"
Darkashadows Natural Born Bob Tail Dobermanns.

We are a registered Dobermann breeder and have been with DogsQLD since 1987.
We suggest you contact DogsQLD, to confirm that we are registered as we claim.

Our Natural Born Bobtail Dobermans, (NBBT) are DNA tested and confirmed as such.
All our Bobtail Doberman pups or dogs will also come with a Vet Certificate to
certify that they are genuine Natural Born Bobtails (NBT).

 All our Pups are Pedigreed & Registered with "Dogs QLD", (formerly CCCQ), they
come fully Vaccinated, Wormed, Vet Checked, Microchipped, De-Sexed plus a Health Certificate. To reiterate we will not sell any of our babies entire!

We guarantee that your new baby will be vWD and DCM non affected, verified by
either DNA or parentage. We also provide 6 weeks FREE pet insurance to provide
that little extra piece of mind, dogs are similar to us in that they too are a
complex bio-organism and unfortunately things can go wrong, as such we highly recommend that you continue or take up your own pet insurance.

 The Natural Bob Tail gene (NBBT) in Dobermanns, has been present since they
were originally bred in the late 1800's. "Herr Dobermann's son tells us his father 
had a clever and fearless dog named "Schunpp" who he later mated with a very
keen protection bitch named Bismark,whose puppy's were black with rust markings.
One named "Pinko" had a
natural bob tail and produced some blue puppies."
(History and Development of the Dobermann Breed By Philipp Grünig)

Although the exact breed mix of the Dobermann is unknown; it is commonly
speculated it consisted of the following breeds Great Dane, the old bobtailed
German Shepherd, the original black-and-tan German Pincher, the Weimaraner,
the German Short haired Pointer, plus the French herding and guard dog the
Beauçeron and two English breeds the Greyhound and Manchester Terrier.

Currently due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be unable to allow any potential new owners to visit our beautiful babies, we do apologise for any
inconvenience this may cause. We are able to help organise freight
Australia wide or you are more than welcome to collect your baby from us
 from a local pickup point on the Sunshine Coast.

All Photos are of our Dogs, either that we have bred or owned. Unless otherwise Stated.

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